Results for TJYM & TYM!

Published June 13, 2018 by Webmaster in News

Thank you to all who attended the rescheduled Taunton Junior Young Musician (TJYM) and Taunton Young Musician (TYM) competitions on Sunday May 6th.

Taunton Junior Young Musician Competition 2018

The winner was Daisy Hickson (Clarinet) who received the Jefferson Horsley Cup and a prize of £100

Second was Anthony Knight (Violin) and a prize of £50

Third was Esme Daniell-Greenhalgh (Violin) and a prize of £25

Taunton Young Musician Competition 2018

The winner was Alexander Heather (Double Bass) with a prize of £300

Second equal were Cristina Dimitrova (Violin) and Poppy McGhee (Violin) who each received a prize of £150

Third place went to Becky Farthing (Violincello) with a priize of £75

The Ron Tickner Educational Trust Prize of £75, for an outstanding performance on the Pianoforte went to Nina Leonard-Savicevic