Festival Results 2011

Published February 10, 2014 by Webmaster in Festival Results

The 2011 Festival, held in Temple Methodist Church and Queen’s College Taunton, saw yet another successful year of Drama and Music, with performances from hundreds of young people.

Piano classes extended over 1½ days with adjudicator, Fiona Chryssides who was very pleased with the number of entries and the high standard of playing, awarding many Distinctions and three Outstanding certificates. She praised the standard of teaching in our area and the hard work obviously put in by the students.

Wind classes created an atmosphere alive with music from baroque to present day with all competitors enjoying Peter Merry’s adjudication. Sometimes the youth of today receive a bad press but for anyone attending the Wind day on Tuesday there was a different story to tell. There were very young students clutching recorders, cellos bigger than their players, bassoons, french horns and enormous steel pans – a truly eclectic mix!

String classes. 127 performers in 28 different classes displayed encouraging talent, playing orchestral stringed instruments, including harp, and guitars. Ages ranged from the very young to adult. Chamber ensembles, including family groups added colour & some excitement to a full day. Adjudicator Andrew Sherwood encouraged and inspired throughout, using his expertise and experience to offer much technical and musical help.

Vocal classes. The key word for the two days of vocal classes was variety, with singing of a high standard from all ages. The range of voice qualities and styles covered everything from Bach to Sister Act. The Junior and Senior Choir classes created a real ‘buzz’ among performers and hugely supportive audience alike; parents clearly felt that the young singers were privileged to be taking part in such rewarding music making.

Results – Music

Piano classes: solo beginners, 8 years and under, Julie Louw, Medal Award,
solo beginners, 9 years and over, Sharon Wang, (Medal Award),
solo, 8 years and under, Ellie Curtis, (Medal Award),
solo 10 years and under, Charlotte Clissold, (Medal Award)
solo 13 years and under, Tamsin Pain, (Medal Award),
solo 14 years and under, Alex Seow (Kingsfield Cup),
solo 16years and under, Weng Soon Tee (Portman Cup),
solo 18 years and under, Weng Soon Tee (WL Reed Cup),
solo 13 years and under, Alex Seow (Bach Shield),
solo 18 years and under, Alex KC Leung,(Bach Cup),
solo, 18years and under, Christopher Hedges, (Medal Award),
solo Jazz 14 years and under, Ross Conquer, (Medal Award),
Open Piano Solo, Vivian Cheng (Tim Harrison Trophy),
Duet 10 years and under, Flora Morsman and Charlotte Clissold (Paul Billing Cup),
duet, 14 years and under, Alex Seow and Daniel Seow (Alison Gibson Trophy),
Piano Recital 11 – 14 years, Jess Hughes, (Medal Award),
Sight reading, 18 years and under, Weng Soon Tee (David Horwood Cup),
Music composition, 11 years and under, Michael Warwick (Voucher Award).

Wind classes:
Brass solo, 10 years and under, Timothy Kilbey (Evelyn Smith Memorial Trophy),
Brass solo, 12 years and under, Gregory Steward (Wagstaff Trophy),
Descant recorder, 8 years and under, Kate Jackson (Junior Solo Recorder Cup),
solo Descant recorder, 10 years and under, Kate Jackson (Weirfield Cup),
solo Treble recorder, 10 years and under, Bethan Lacy-Rigby (Junior Solo Treble recorder Cup),
Duet any recorders, 9 years and under, Elle Virgin & Megan Butler (Junior Duet Recorder Cup),
Duet, any recorders, 10 years and under, Ellie Taylor & Bethan Lacy-Rigby (Duet Recorder Trophy),
Recorder Ensemble 10 years and under, Parkfield Primary School Ensemble (Junior Recorder Trophy),
Woodwind solo beginners, Matthew Keogan (Evelyn Smith Cup),
Woodwind solo, 10 years and under, Saskia Kiernan (Rickards Trophy),
Woodwind solo, 12 years and under, Masanori Kimura (Intermediate Cup),
Woodwind solo, 14 years and under, Georgie Longbottom (Stallard Trophy),
Woodwind solo 16 years and under, Alice Brooks (Trevett Cup),
Woodwind Open, Jenny Kilbey.

Juniors 11 years and under, Taunton Children’s Orchestra (Talbot Cup),
Steel Band, any age, Castle School Steel Band (Medal Award),
Senior Orchestra/Band 16 years and under, The Castle School Senior Orchestra (Medal Award).

String classes:
beginners, 18 months tuition or less, Theo Catton (Primary Trophy),
8 years and under, Rosie Wooding (Elementary Trophy),
10 years and under, Hollie Eccles (Transitional Trophy),
13 years and under, Robin Stallard (Keynes Wyatt Trophy),
16 years and under, Natalie Too (Nesta Franklyn Trophy),
18 years and under, Emily Cross (Hamilton Lawrence Cup),
17th, 18th and 19th Century composer, 14 years and under, Susanna Young (Thompson Trophy),
19th Century composer, Open, Emily Cross (Hugh Jones Trophy),
20th and 21st Century Composer, 10 and under, Chloe Shaw (Mills Cup),
Recital, 15 years and over, Jenny Key,
Harp: Solo Intermediate, Grades 4-5, Naomi Chidgey (Medal Award),
Acoustic Guitar: 10 years and under, Agatha Evans (Junior Guitar Trophy),
12 years and under, Charly Dunford (O’Beirne-Ryan Cup),
18 years and under, Darren Hodge (Classical Guitar Trophy),

Chamber Music:
11 yrs and under, Hollie Eccles and Ruth Hancock (Elementary Chamber Music Cup),
16 yrs and under, Three ‘Cellos and a Piano (Intermediate Trophy),
18 yrs and under, Edwin Chan, Tom Le Neve Foster, Jennifer Kilbey & Edward Reid (Hollyoak Advanced Chamber Music Cup),
11 yrs and under, Taunton Suzuki Junior Group (Haydn Lewis Junior trophy),
16 yrs and under, Taunton Suzuki Master Class (Haydn Lewis Memorial Trophy).
Junior Vocal Classes:
solo, boy or girl, 10 yearsand under, Kitty Chapple (Staplegrove Cup),
solo boy or girl, 12 years and under, Tessa Lewes (John Playll Cup),
solo boy or girl, 14 years and under, Harry Acton (Gillian Greig Trophy),
solo, girl, 16 years and under, Hannah O’Toole Thrower (Dian Rees Singing Trophy),
solo girl, 18 years and under, Lucy Dunham (Medal Award),
solo boy – unbroken voice – Gregory Steward (Ewing Cup),
Solo, Counter-tenor, Bass or Baritone, Jacob Coton (Kingston St Mary Trophy),
Folk Song, 12 years and under, Joshua Blackmore-Greasley (Mary Anning Cup),
14 years and under, Madeline Kirby (Forester Bennett Cup),
18 years and under, Kate Johnson (Cleves Cup),
Song from a Musical Show, composed up to 1949,
14 years and under, Joe Robinson (Medal Award),
16 years and under, Hannah O’Toole Thrower (Medal Award),
18 years and under, Emily Cross(Medal Award)
Song from a Musical Show, composed from 1950.14 years and under, Hannah Deason-Barrow (Medal Award), 16 years and under, Ellie Byfield (Gambier Trophy),
18 yeas and under, Emily Cross (Penelope Davies Cup).
Vocal Duet:12 years and under, Helen White and Martha Connon-Cole (Medal Award),
14 years and under, Hera Bradly and Rosemary Moss (Rougier Cup),
16 years and under, Eleanor Mules and Esther Rowbotham (Medal Award),
18 years and under, Bryony House and Jacob Coton (Colbeck Cup).
British Art Song: 18 years and under, Oliver Kelham (Rosa Ewing Trophy Trophy),
Song composed between 1600 – 1800, 16 years and under, Hannah Deasey (Culverwell Cup),
18 years and under, Oliver Kelham (Cleves Shield).

Junior Choirs:
11 years and under, Milverton School choir Club (Priscilla Hodgson Choral Trophy).
Senior Choirs: 11-16 years, Bridgwater Youth Choir (Bishop Fox’s Senior Choir Cup)
Barbershop: 11-16, The Castle School Barbershop.

Senior Vocal Classes:
solo, excluding opera, operetta, musicals, oratorio and Lieder, Dean Ward, (Kenneth Ellis Cup),
British Art Song, Jane Anderson-Brown,
French Melodie, in the original language, Jane Anderson-Brown,
Italian song, in the original language, Sonia Booth,
German Lieder, in the original language, Jane Anderson-Brown & Janet Williams (pianist)(Diana Rees Lieder Trophy),
Light Opera, Dean Ward (Eva Callebaut Trophy),
Song form a Musical Show, composed up to 1949, Helen Hamilton-Meikle,
Song from a Musical Show, composed from 1950,
Naomi Weir, Opera, excluding light opera, Claire Barnett-Jones (Somerset Motors Cup),
Oratorio, Cantata or Similar Sacred Solo, Claire Barnett-Jones (Bach Cup),
Recital, Sonia Booth (Linda Marshall Cole Cup).

Mixed Voice Choirs, Urban Voice,
Male Voice Choirs, Bois Coetre-Hen a’r Cylch Male Voice Choir.