Festival Results 2012

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The 99th Festival, held in Temple Methodist Church and Queen’s College Taunton, saw yet another wonderful week of Drama and Music, with performances of every variety from hundreds of young people.
Piano day

Where else but at a music festival do you have the chance to hear on a single day the progress which children can make on a musical instrument between the ages of seven and eighteen? We saw the concentration, the confidence and the enjoyment gained as skills improved. Our adjudicator Richard Deering gave appropriate advice and praise to all in an entertaining way and we were treated to performances of works by famous and less well known composers played to a very high standard by the older students.

Wind day
This was a day, which started with the gentle and subtle sound of recorders, moved to the exciting resonances and expressiveness of solo brass and woodwind players – a significant increase on last year in the standard and age range of performers – and then to group ensembles, featuring the Taunton Children’s Orchestra and Castle School’s Jazz band and Steel band which raised the roof with swinging, cheerfulness. Adjudicator, Keith Allen gave every individual and every group, encouragement and thoughtful tips on technique – each performer was made to feel valued and appreciated. It was an excellent day!

Strings day

The Strings Day proved popular, with a 20% increase in entry numbers this year. Showing wide variety of instruments and levels of achievement, from near-beginners to advanced heights, the day provided adjudicator KayT ucker the opportunity to encourage as well as praise. It was a very inspiring demonstration of musical accomplishments in Somerset and beyond.

Vocal days

As with each year of the Festival, the numbers of young singers entering needed two venues, which then hummed all day with well prepared solos, duets and choirs, in a huge variety of musical styles. The experienced adjudicators, Robert Latham and Sarah Jeffries were wonderfully encouraging and inspirational and the responsive, shining faces of the singers reflected their appreciation.

The Senior Vocal Classes with Sarah Jeffries, was another happy time; she treated each performance with a mini ‘workshop’ approach from which every single singer benefited and was very grateful for the experience.


Piano classes: solo beginners, 8 years and under, (18months tuition or less) Stephen Warrick, (Medal Award), solo beginners, 9 years and over, (18 months tuition or less) James Kelly, (Medal Award), solo, 8 years and under, Ollie Garstang, (Medal Award), solo 10 years and under, Jenny Carey, (Medal Award). solo 13 years and under, Charlotte Hamilton-Meikle, (Blackdown Cup), solo 14 years and under, Alex Seow (Kingsfield Cup), solo 16years and under, Christopher Hedges (Portman Cup), solo 18 years and under, Christopher Hedges (WL Reed Cup),solo 13 years and under, Alex Seow (Bach Shield), solo 18 years and under, Weng Soon Tee,(Bach Cup), solo Jazz 10 years and under, Ben Shattock, (Medal Award), Open Piano Solo, Weng Soon Tee (Tim Harrison Trophy), Duet 10 years and under, Flora Morsman and Dan Huges (Paul Billing Cup), duet, 14 years and under, Alex Seow and Daniel Seow (Alison Gibson Trophy), Sight reading, 13 years and under, 18 years and under, Alex Seow (David Horwood Cup), Music composition, 11 years and under, Michael Warwick (Voucher Award)

The Chapman Cup for the most promising pianist was awarded to Alex Seow.

Wind classes:

Descantrecorder, 8 years and under, KateJackson (Junior Solo Recorder Cup), solo Descant recorder, 10 years and under, KateJackson (Weirfield Cup),

Duet, any recorders, 9 years and under, Manon Wilson and Emma Allen (Junior Duet Recorder Trophy) Duet, any recorders, 10 years and under, Abigail Thomson and Elle Virgin (Duet Recorder Trophy), Open Solo Recorder, Estelle Jackson, Recorder Ensemble, 9years and under, Parkfield Primary School (Parkfield Cup), Recorder Ensemble, 10 years and under, Parkfield Primary School (Junior Recorder Trophy), Recorder Consort, 14 years and under, Lucy Bussell, Frances Jameson and Marcia Reah (Medal Award), Recorder Consort Open, Parkfield Trio (Sutton Cup). Brass solo beginners, Hetty Christopher (Medal Award), Brass solo, 10 years and under, Alexander Christopher (Evelyn Smith Memorial trophy), Brass solo 12 years and under, Gregory Steward (Wagstaff Trophy), Brass solo 14 years and under, Gregory Steward (Medal Award), Brass solo, 16 years and under, Rhys Bowen (Ravenor/Lawton Trophy) Woodwind solo beginners, Luke Adams (Evelyn Smith Cup), Woodwind solo, 10 years and under, Daniel Lloyd-Jones (Rickards Trophy), Woodwind solo, 12 years and under, Ella Leonard (Intermediate Cup), Woodwind solo, 14 years and under, CharlotteSmith (Stallard Trophy), Woodwind solo 16 years and under, EllenTiso (Trevett Cup), Woodwind Open, Alice Brooks.

Orchestra/Ensembles: Junior Orchestra or Band, 13 years and under, Taunton Children’s Orchestra (Talbot Cup), Rock/Swing or Jazz Band, 11 years and over, The Castle School Jazz Band (Medal Award), Steel Band, any age, Castle School Steel Band (Medal Award).

String classes: beginners, 18 months tuition or less, Freya Raybould (Primary Trophy), 8 years and under, Ben Davies (Elementary Trophy), 10 years and under, Daniel Lloyd Jones (Transitional Trophy), 13 years and under, Emily Adams (Keynes Wyatt Trophy), 14 years and under, Anya Chapman (Cavey Cup), 16 years and under, Natalie Too (Nesta Franklyn Trophy), 18 years and under, Nory Jiang (Hamilton Lawrence Cup), Open solo, Paul Evans, (Trewin Cup), 18th, ,19th, 20th and 21st Century composer, 10 years and under Daniel Lloyd Jones (Mills Cup), 18th, 19th ,20th and 21st Century composer, 14 years and under, Alex Seow (Thompson Trophy), 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st Century composer, 18 years and under, Jenny Key, (Horwood Trophy ), Open solo, 18th, 19th 20th and 21st Century composer, Martha Evans (Hugh Jones Trophy).

Acoustic Guitar: Beginners, LaurenTamea. (Medal award), 10 years and under, MillieBaker (Junior Guitar Trophy), 12 years and under, SarahFoan (O’Beirne-Ryan Cup), 14 years and under, RosannaSmillie (Classical Guitar Trophy).

Music Making Parent and Child Duet (non-competitive) Kate and Estelle Jackson, Family Music (non-competitive) Hopwood Family Music Group, Teacher and pupil Duet (non competitive) Jesse Musson and John Philips, Joel Griffiths and John Philips.

Chamber Music: 11 years and under, Trull School Clarinet Trio (Williamson Cup), 16 years and under, Castle School Clarinet Quartet (Intermediate Trophy).

Instrumental Ensemble, 11 years and under, Taunton Suzuki Junior Group (Haydn Lewis Junior Trophy), 18 years and under, Alex Seow and Weng Soon Tee (Boliston Cup).

Junior Vocal Classes: solo, boy or girl, 10yearsand under, Kitty Chapple (Staplegrove Cup), solo boy or girl, 12 years and under, Louisa Tetley (John Playll Cup), solo boy or girl, 14 years and under, Hera Bradly (Gillian Greig Trophy), solo, girl, 16 years and under, Georgie Blackwell (Diana Rees Singing Trophy), solo girl, 18 years and under, Lucy Stewart (Linda Marshall Cole Trophy), solo boy, unbroken voice, Guy Fenton (Rosa Ewing Trophy), Solo Folk Song, 12 years and under, Flora Keeling (Rougier Cup), 14 years and under, Jessica Handley and Hera Bradly (Forester Bennett Cup), Song from a Musical Show, composed up to1949, 14 years and under, Harry Acton and Jessica Handley (Medal Awards), 16 years and under, Emma Nelson (Medal Award), 18 years and under, Aoife Cooper(Medal Award) Song from a Musical Show, composed from 1950.14 years and under, Gregory Steward (Medal Award), 16 years and under, Joe Robinson(Gambier Trophy), 18 years and under, Aoife Cooper (Penelope Davies Cup).

Vocal Duet:12 years and under, Frances Hunt and Sparkle Menzies (Cleves Cup), 14 years and under, Guy Fenton and Antonia Garton- Sprenger (Medal Award), 16 years and under, Meiling Daniell-Greenhalgh and Daisy Daniell (Colbeck Cup). British Art Song: 16years and under, HannahDeasy (QuintinBlackley Trophy). Song composed between 1600 – 1800, 16 years and under, CharlottePenny (Culverwell Cup), 18 years and under, SaskiaBurbach (Anne Cleves Award), Oratorio, Cantata or other sacred solo, 18 years and under, LucyBray (Fountains Trophy).

Junior Choirs: 11 years and under, Blue Weasel Young Singers (Priscilla Hodgson Choral Trophy). Senior Choirs: 11-16 years, Bruton School for Girls Junior Choir (Medal Award), 11 – 18 years, The Chamber Choir King’s School Bruton (Medal Award), Barbershop: 11-16, Bruton School for Girls Chamber Choir (Medal Award), 11 – 18, Bruton School for Girls Soul Band (Medal Award).

Senior Vocal Classes: solo, excluding opera, operetta, musicals, oratorio and Lieder, Margaret Johnson, (Kenneth Ellis Cup), British Art Song, Veronica Lee, French Melodie, in the original language, Veronica Lee, Italian song, in the original language, Margaret Johnson, Light Opera, Zoe Elizabeth Davis (Eva Callebaut Trophy), Song from a Musical Show, composed up to 1949, Zoe Elizabeth Davis, Song from a Musical Show, composed from 1950, Zoe Elizabeth Davis, Opera, excluding light opera, Zoe Elizabeth Davis (Somerset Motors Cup), Oratorio, Cantata or Similar Sacred Solo, Veronica Lee (Bach Cup),, Recital, Margaret Johnson (Mary Anning Memorial Cup).

Choirs: Mixed Voice Choirs, Urban Voice.

7th Taunton Young Musician of the Year Competition 2012 /13

The First Round of this year’s Taunton Young Musician of the Year Competition drew 19 incredibly talented and enthusiastic students, again posing difficult decisions for the selection committee in choosing 5 finalists. In the event 7 were selected to proceed to the final round of the Competition to be held at Queen’s Hall on 20 January 2013.

They are Edward Creed (piano), Alice Brook (clarinet), EllenTiso (clarinet), Hera Bradly (cello), NatalieToo (cello), LucyBray (soprano) and Hannah Deasy (soprano).

Nazariy Alexandryants, a 13 years old saxophonist at Wellington School, has won this year’s Taunton Junior Musician of the Year prize plus the Jefferson Horsley Trophy. The junior ‘runners up’ prize has been awarded to a 12 years old French horn player, Gregory Steward who attends Queen’s College.

This year’s unsuccessful students who without exception played or sang very well, are warmly congratulated on their performances and strongly encouraged to try again next year.